LFM-BLESS: Tatacara Permohonan Sijil

A. To register as BLESS user:

  1. Use browser ‘Mozilla Firefox’
  2. Visit www.bless.gov.my
  3. Click on “Apply Business Licence Here”
  4. Click on “To register with BLESS”
  5. Get BLESS activation notification email

B. To apply for licences:

  1. Log in at www.bless.gov.my with your BLESS account ID
  2. Click ‘Update Profile’ to update profile
    Click Update Profile to update profile
  3. Tick the check box for declaration
  4. Click ‘Update’ button as shown below
    Click Update button as shown below
  5. Wait till screen as below appear
  6. Click on the ‘Submission’ Tab
  7. A screen as below will appear
  8. Tick relevant check box
  9. Click ‘Add To Tray’
  10. Select ‘Health’ as shown below
  11. Click ‘OK’
  12. Click ‘OK’ your form will appear in ‘My Tray’ as shown below
  13. Please click on the pencil icon to fill in the form as shown below
  14. Allow ‘Pop-up’  if form does not appear
  15. Complete the form and click ‘Save’
  16. Upload document if any
  17. Close the window for the form
  18. Full Registration/private pharmacist must click ‘E-Payment’
  19. Ensure form status is Complete
  20. Click ‘Submit Application’ as shown below
  21. Click ‘Track and Monitoring’ to check your status.