Global Anti-counterfeiting Awards 2013, Paris, 28 May 2013

The Ministry of Health Malaysia has taken several initiatives in protecting the public from dangerous and counterfeit medicines. These exceptional efforts have been accorded international recognition with the presentation of the “Global Anti-Counterfeiting Award 2013” in the public sector category by the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group Network (GACG), an international anti-counterfeit organization based in London, UK. The award was presented in conjunction with the World Anti-Counterfeiting Day organized by Union des Fabricans in Paris, France on the 28th of May 2013.

The Acceptance of Malaysia as Non-Organisation For Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Member Adhering to the Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD) in The Assessment of Chemicals on Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

OECD is an inter-governmental organisation established in 1960. It consists of 34 industrialised countries including many EU member countries, some non-EU European countries, the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA) countries and some Asia-Pacific countries.

Research Poster Abstract Submission In Accordance With The First National Conference On Quality Use Of Medicines 2013

Abstracts for Poster presentation can be submitted along the following themes:

Multimedia Competitition: Quality Use Of Medicines For Consumers

The Pharmaceutical Services Division (PSD) will organize a Multimedia Competition with the theme Quality Use of Medicines for Consumers. In general, the aim of this competition is to develop educational materials in the form of multimedia presentation and hence to disseminate information about medicines to the public. These educational materials for public will then be uploaded into the Know Your Medicine website (, electronic devices and broadcasted using audio visual aids located at the pharmacy waiting area.

Suspension Of Registration Of Products Containing Sibutramine Due To Safety Concerns

The Drug Control Authority (DCA)   has decided to suspend the registration of products containing sibutramine due to safety concerns. All registration holders of sibutramine products have been instructed to immediately stop import and wholesale transactions and withdraw their products from all point of sales within 30 days of suspension date.

Registration of Two (2) Products Cancelled


The public is advised to avoid buying and using two (2) registered traditional products namely Kapsul Benkwat Ginseng Plus 500 mg (MAL07031076T) and JT Cordyceps Mycelium (MAL09080820T) which has been detected containing adulterants.  Kapsul Benkwat Ginseng Plus 500 mg has been detected to contain yohimbine, while JT Cordyceps Mycelium has been detected to contain thiodimethylsildenafil

Beware of Illegal Advertisements

Ministry of Health, MOH regrets, advertising of illegal health products in print and electronic media, websites, traffic light poles and other public focus points by some unscrupulous party. These ads often include “magic bullet” promises such as 100% cure for cancer, immediate relief from diabetes, sustained weight loss and often vulgar or embarrassing claims promising increased sexual performance to entice consumers to purchase those products.

Consumers Cautioned Against Using Cosmetic Product Containing Scheduled Poison

The public is advised to avoid buying and using the following cosmetic product:

Product Name

Notification Number

Scheduled Poison Detected

Name of Product Holder

Name of Manufacturer

Sensual Whitening Cream



Registration Cancelled For Three (3) Traditional Products

The public is advised to avoid buying and using three (3) traditional products namely Mistura Zhike, Chi Kat Pills dan Herbaios-Zuekertec Capsule which has been detected containing adulterants as follows:-


Produk Name
(Registration Number Before Cancellation)

Marketing Authorization Holder