Does the MAB allow hair loss products to be advertised?

Approval from the MAB is required prior to advertisement of hair loss products. These advertisements are not allowed to have any claims or statements regarding:

• Baldness can be prevented

• Hair loss can be stopped

• Stimulate and encourage hair growth

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Can a weight loss program be aired without approval from the MAB if it only displays exercise routine and diet program?

MAB approval is not required for weight reduction program as long as it does not involve the advertisement or promotion of the products.

Why does MAB make too many changes to the advertisement format submitted?

Approval for any advertisement format is based on the Medicines (Advertisement and Sale) Act 1956 and its regulations. In addition, advertisement formats must also comply with advertising guidelines and policies issued by the MAB. MAB has the right to amend any claims and advertisement formats that do not comply with the act, guidelines and policies.

Can a medicine approved by the USFDA but without 'MAL' registration number be advertised in Malaysia?

A medicine approved by the USFDA does not mean that it is registered with the Drug Control Authority, Ministry of Health Malaysia. All medicines must be registered before they are sold or marketed in Malaysia. Prior approval from the Medicine Advertisements Board (MAB) MOH is required before any advertisement of medicine is published.

How to lodge complaint regarding unregistered medicines?

Complaints can be lodge either by phone, e-mail or in writing to the Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Services. You can also contact the nearest Pharmacy Enforcement Branch office.

Is there any procedure on registration of cosmetic product?

A cosmetic product needs to be notified by the Drug Control Authority (DCA). For further information please contact 0378835400 or