Are cosmetic products advertisements require approval from Medicine Advertisement Board (MAB)?

All cosmetic products must be notified to the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Division (NPRA), Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Any advertisement relating to cosmetic products must comply with the Guideline For Cosmetic Advertisement and have no medical claims. Legal actions may be taken against any cosmetic products advertisements with medical claims. Advertisement approval from Medicine Advertisement Board (MAB) is not required.

Does MAB allow the use of testimonials in advertisement of weight loss product?

Testimony is only allowed for products registered under the category of 'X'. Any testimony by members of the public in the advertisement should carry a 'consent letter of testimony’.

What are the medical claims allowed in advertisement of weight loss product?

The use of the word 'weight loss' or 'slimming' in advertisement of weight loss product are allowed according to the terms and conditions set by MAB. Please consult and seek advice from MAB's Secretariat before putting that claim in the advertisements.

How long does it take to get advertisement approval from MAB?

Certificate of approval or written permission from the MAB will be issued within 5 working days.

Is it necessary for medical advertisements on the internet to get approval from MAB?

All type of dissemination of information about products and health services including on the internet are classified as advertisement. Therefore, MAB approval is required before it can be published to the public.

Can I sponsor a radio show to promote my medicinal product?

You may sponsor the radio show but any medicinal product advertisements on the radio require approval from MAB. The approval is valid for a period of 3 years calendar. However "caller segment" is not permitted.

Does MAB monitor and control pharmaceutical product advertisements made by direct selling companies?

Yes, MAB does control pharmaceutical product advertisements made by direct selling companies and has issued approvals for several advertisements.

How to ensure that an advertisement has been approved by MAB?

All advertisements that have been approved by MAB were given approval number (eg KKLIU 1234/2021). Advertisement approval number must be displayed on every advertisement. If any pharmaceutical product or health service advertisements were found without approval or not displaying their KKLIU number, members of the public may launch a complaint to the secretariat of Medicine Advertisement Board.

Does advertisement of registered pharmaceutical products still require prior approval from MAB?

Yes, approval from MAB is still required because product registration and product advertisement are two different issues. The registration of a product aims to ensure quality, safety and efficacy of the product and are under jurisdiction of the Drug Control Authority (DCA) whereas MAB only controls product advertisements. This is to protect consumers from misleading advertisements and to ensure all advertisements published comply with the requirements of the Medicines (Advertisement and Sale) Act 1956 and its Regulations.