Research-Related Application Forms

Conducting Research by Pharmacists in Ministry of Health Malaysia


Pharmacists and personnel under the Pharmaceutical Services Programme in the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) are encouraged to conduct research at their work place. All research carried out should be in accordance with the circulars and guidelines that have been set. The Guidelines on Conducting Research under Pharmaceutical Services Programme in Ministry of Health Malaysia was prepared to provide guidance to Pharmacists and other personnel under the Programme in initiating and conducting research.


(i)      Application of Data for Research Purposes from the Pharmaceutical Services 
           Programme, Ministry of Health Malaysia


MOH emphasizes on the security and confidentiality of government information. A standard procedure has been outlined to ensure that data to be shared is screened and protected. Researchers must also ensure that the data obtained is used responsibly for research purposes only.


(ii)    Applications to Conduct a Collaborative Research with Pharmaceutical Services 
          Programme, Ministry of Health Malaysia


Pharmaceutical Services Programme in MOH welcomes researchers from other ministries/ institutions/organizations to conduct collaborative research with the Programme. The researchers have to submit research proposal of the study to be reviewed before a decision for a collaboration is made.


(iii)  Application for Funding to Support Publication and Presentation of Pharmacy  
          Research by Researchers under the Pharmaceutical Services Programme, Ministry  
          of Health Malaysia


The Pharmaceutical Services Programme, MOH encourages the dissemination of research findings through publication of research articles in journals, or presentation of research findings in conferences and meetings. For this purposes, Pharmacy Policy and Strategic Planning Division, MOH can provide incentives including funding the cost of publishing research articles and registration fees to attend international conference to share research findings via oral presentation.


All applications for the above can be made using the related forms below and be submitted with the necessary documents.


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