Extemporaneous Formulation, MOH 2015

Compounding of pharmaceutical formulations remains a core skill of pharmacists and this manual is produced to include well referenced recipes that are easy to prepare, use ingredients readily available, have the longest expiry date possible and when necessary, provide more than one strength or formulation of a recipe to accommodate the unique needs of different groups of patients.

Efforts have been made to search for substantiated references in producing this manual of extemporaneous preparations. However, this list of compounded items in this manual is not exhaustive. Preparations included in the manual are for ingredients available commercially but not in the required dosage form for therapy and thus, necessitate extemporaneous preparations.

The committee has made all reasonable efforts to confirm the accuracy of the information contained in the manual and to present best practices as identified at the time of its completion. Formulations are only included where there is existence of published formulations and associated stability data.

The use of this manual requires knowledge based interpretation by health care professionals and is intended solely for use by pharmacists in healthcare facilities. All information contained in the manual has been provided with the sole intent that it be readily accessible for pharmacist’s information and as a guide for preparing extemporaneous preparations that may be prescribed.

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