Sistem Pengurusan Integrasi Kawalan Efektif Substan (SPIKES)


Sistem Pengurusan Integrasi Kawalan Efektif Substan (SPIKES) is a web-based control and management of legal substances system originating from the National Key Result Areas (NKRA) – Reducing Crime Laboratory under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) with the aim to reduce street crimes which mostly arise due to drug abuse.

Substances involved in the SPIKES are narcotics, psychotropic substances and precursor chemicals used legally in the medical field and industry. Effective and systematic control and management of substances are very important in preventing said substances from being misused by drug addicts or diverted for the production of illegal dangerous drugs such as heroin and methamphetamine (syabu) by irresponsible parties. The Pharmaceutical Services Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia as the competent authority in the control of substances in Malaysia has been appointed as the lead agency to conduct this control system.

Apart from that, SPIKES would be a platform for collaboration between various drug enforcement agencies such as the National Anti-Drug Agency (NADA), Narcotics Crime Investigation Department of the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP), the Narcotics Branch of the Royal Malaysian Customs Prevention Division (RMCD), the Narcotics section of the Department of Chemistry Malaysia Forensic Division (DoCM) and the Licensing Branch of the Pharmacy Enforcement Division Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH PSD). Once the system is fully developed in the future, exchange of information and cooperation pertaining to inspections and investigations on controlled substances would be enhanced.


The objectives of the SPIKES are to:

  1. Control and manage substances effectively and systematically
  2. Enable collaboration on substance control with other enforcement agencies within the country
  3. Reduce crime index by preventing diversion of substances which can contribute to drug abuse problems and production of dangerous drugs illegally.


Meaning of SPIKES Logo

SPIKES Modules


  • Dangerous Drug Import Authorization
  • Dangerous Drug Export Authorization
  • Dangerous Drug Wholesale License


  • Psychotropic Substance Import Authorization
  • Psychotropic Substance Export Authorization
  • Permit to Purchase and Use Buprenorphine & Methadone (Opioid Replacement Therapy)
  • Permit to Purchase and Use Psychotropic Substances (Industrial Use)


  • INCB Form D (Seizure of Precursors)

Further Information

More information can be found on the SPIKES portal at