Poisons Board

The Poisons Board established pursuant to the provisions under the Poisons Act 1952 and serves to advise the Minister of Health in the following items :

  • Classification of new chemicals as Poison
  • The amendment of the classification of poison in the Poisons List
  • Removal of poison from the Poisons List
  • The amendment of the list of psychotropic substances in the Third Schedule
  • The addition or deletion of article or preparation in the Second Schedule

The Poisons Board will be convened twice a year, usually in the middle and the end of the year, to debate the application of the above matters and other things related.



The Poisons Board members as provided under the Poisons Act 1952 are as follows:
YBhg. Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham bin Abdullah
Director General of Health, Ministry of Health Malaysia
  1. YBhg. Datin Dr. Faridah Aryani Binti Md Yusof 
    Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Service 
  2. Dr. Sharmilah a/p Kuppusami
    Department of Chemistry Malaysia
  3. Pn. Hafizah binti Mohd
    Department of Agriculture Malaysia
  4. Dr. Akma binti Ngah Hamid
    Department of Veterinary Services
  5. Dr. Ashok Zachariah Philip
    Malaysia Medical Association
  6. Prof. Dato' Dr. Wan Mohamad Bin Wan Bebakar   
    Malaysian Medical Council
  7. Pn. Noor Yang Azwar binti Kamaruddin
    Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  8. Dr. Chua Siew Kiat
    The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce And Industry Of Malaysia
  9. Dr. Prathaban Raju
    Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce And Industry
  10. En. Amrahi bin Buang
    Malaysian Pharmaceutical Association
Pn. Nor Aza binti Hassan
 Senior Principal Assistant Director (Enforcement)
Pharmacy Enforcement Division