Pharmacy Policy & Management

Ensuring that pharmacy services strategic plans and policies are implemented accordingly, effective distribution of human resource, relevant and continuous training are carried out, ensuring the practice of quality system at all levels of services, and ensuring administrative and financial matters are carried out accordingly to rules and guidelines.


Human Resource & Career Section

  • Planning for the need of human resource for pharmacy services nationwide.
  • Planning, coordinating and monitoring the training of pharmacy staff at states and headquarter level.
  • Planning and optimizing the placement and distribution of pharmacy staff across the country.
  • Planning and coordinating the development and career pathway for pharmacy staff.
  • Improving the development of pharmacy profession.
  • Identifying, planning and monitoring the activities on Continous Professional Development (CPD) to improve the competency of pharmacy personnel.
  • Coordinating and monitoring pharmacy officers undergoing postgraduate courses.

National Medicines Policy (DUNAS) Section

  • Planning, coordinating and monitoring the implementation of all activities/action plan under the National Medicines Policy.
  • Planning and coordinating additional studies needed to determine the achievement of DUNAS goals or assess the impact of policy implementation.
  • Coordinating the communication between stakeholders on issues related to DUNAS and coordinating joint activities.
  • Performing evaluation and reviewing of the National Medicines Policy with the involvement of all stakeholders.

Relations & Innovation Section

  • Coordinating and facilitating  intra-agency, inter-agency and international communication.
  • Coordinating and monitoring the quality systems for pharmaceutical services such as KPI, QAP, SSR, CIQ, 5S, Innovation and Client's Charter.
  • Monitoring and coordinating complaints.
  • Coordinating communication with the media.
  • Planning and implementing enculturation of quality system.

Pharmacy Information Management Section

  • Planning, coordinating and implementing appropriate ICT-related trainings to the members of the PSD.
  • Planning, coordinating and implementing the procurement of ICT related items, infrastructure, security; and maintenance of ICT equipments/network and systems.
  • Providing support services on technical issues related to ICT. 
  • Planning, drafting, implementing and monitoring ICT related policies.