List of Pharmacy Quality Initiatives That Have Received Recognition at the Program / Ministry / National / International Level

The Pharmaceutical Services Program, Ministry of Health Malaysia, constantly monitors and acknowledges quality initiative activities accomplished by pharmacy workforce throughout the country such as Innovation, Innovation & Creative Circle (ICC), Quality Assurance (QA), lean and clinical audit.


The Best Practice Sharing method is used to disseminate ideas and encourage other ground facilities to adopt and implement relevant initiatives in their respective places. In addition, it can avoid the repetition of existing ideas and encourage the proliferation of new brainchild, thus enabling more creative and innovative initiatives to be conceived benefiting the society and increasing services productivity.

The following is a list of quality initiative activities developed by the Pharmaceutical Services Programme workforce nationwide that have received recognition and acknowledgement at  various platforms / levels:

  1. List of pharmacy quality initiatives that have received recognition & acknowledgement at the ministry / national / international level (2006-2017)
  2. Pharmacy Innovation & Creativity Convention (2011-2017) winners registry.
  3. Pharmacy Innovation & Creativity Convention (2019) winners registry.
  4. Ministry Of Health Malaysia Innovation Award 2019 winners registry.
  5. Ministry Of Health Malaysia Innovation and Creative Circle Convention 2019 winners registry.
  6. National Quality Assurance Convention 2019 winners registry.


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