Illegal Advertisement: Don’t Get Influenced

Most of the advertisements frequently used superlative words or phrases such as ‘Guaranteed’, ‘Effective’, ‘No side effect’, Miracle’, No. 1’ and many others. And surprisingly, many of the advertisements promise something that is dubious. Sometimes many of these illegal advertisements displayed immoral statement especially those relating with sexual performance. For example, improving sexual function either directly or implied for the purpose of getting public attraction. It is even more dangerous when some of them mentioning many testimonials which are inaccurate.

The public is advised not to be easily influenced by misleading advertisements and stop consume these illegal products. They are also reminded to stay away from purchasing health products from unreliable sources such as ads in the social media eg Facebook, blog, Wechat and Instagram. You are advised to get medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner rather than from advertising resources with dubious authenticity. The products might be unregistered, adulterated or un-notified cosmetics that are dangerous and can cause harmful effects to health.

Among the chain of illegal advertisements can be found on the internet are:

• Ads from Facebook link to the website/blog

• Ads from chain emails linked to the website/blog/social network

• Ads from TV or radio linked to the website/blog/social network

• Ads from print media such as newspapers or magazines linked to the website/blog/social network

• And others

Notwithstanding the illegal advertisements chain method, the user is advised not to be fooled by all the medical claims that have been made.

For cosmetics advertising, the uses of medical claims are prohibited as cosmetic definitions should only cover the product for external use such as a refreshing, cleansing and perfuming.