How to recognize approved advertisement?


All advertisements approved by Medicines Advertisement Board (MAB) will be given approval numbers. The approval number begins with KKLIU, followed by 4 digits referring to the serial number and ends with year which refers to when the approval is submitted. Each approval number must be displayed on the published advertisement. Consumers are adviced not to be confused between MAL registration number with the serial number KKLIU approval.






KKLIU 1234/2018


On the product

On the advertisement


Drug Control Authority

Medicines Advertisement Board


The categories of products that have been given the approval are as below:

  • Health Supplement; (MAL number followed by 8 digits and ended with N cth: MAL12345678N)
  • Traditional medicines (MAL number followed by 8 digits and ended with T cth: MAL12345678T); and
  • Over-the-counter products (MAL number followed by 8 digits and ended with X cth: MAL12345678X) registered with the Drug Control Authority, Ministry of Health

Controlled medicines ((MAL number followed by 8 digits and ended with A)  are prohibited to be advertised directly to the public (exemption is only given to Nicotine Replacement Therapy products).

Health and beauty product advertising is strictly prohibited to make medical claims for:

  • 20 types of diseases for prevention, treatment or diagnosis. Such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, infertility, and other diseases
  • increase in kidney or heart function
  • increase sexual performance
  • abortion

This regulation is intended to ensure the integrity of advertising. More over information that are displayed on the advertisement are supported with valid evidence that has been approved by the MAB.