Beware! Online Sale Of Medicine

The BEWARE! ONLINE SALE OF MEDICINE campaign is rebranded in 2022 to update and improve the effectiveness of community activities implementation.

Online sales is now the norm of life and the main alternative for community to obtain their desired goods or services. In line with this trend, the way to obtain medicines supply has also changed. Medicine are now being advertised online for sale either through internet sites, e-commerce portals, social media sites or using various smartphone applications. This situation indirectly exposes the community to:

          1. Illegal sale of medicines by unlicensed sellers;

2. Sale of counterfeit or unregistered medicines that can be life threatening; and

3. Promotion and advertisement of medicines without the approval of the Medicine Advertisement Board.


Realizing the dangers and adverse effects that may be encountered by the community, implementation of this campaign is continued to:

1. Ensure that the sale and advertising of medicines comply with the current legal requirements and do not take advantage or mislead consumers.

2. Raise the awareness of sellers and consumers generally about the dangers and risks of buying medicines online;

3. To increase consumer awareness so that they are not easily misled by any advertisements with medical claims published without MOH approval


All parties can play their role and work together to help address this issue. Kindly forward any complaints or information regarding the online sale of medicine or any advertisements that are published in violation to the provisions of the law through the official portal of the Public Agency Complaints Management System (SisPAA) at

You can help to make a Change!