Application for Accreditation of Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP) Training Facility

Pharmacy Board of Malaysia (LFM) is responsible for processing the application for approval of premises for PRP training facilities either in the Ministry of Health Malaysia or private facility that involves the process of gazetting before it can be included in the Second Schedule, Registration of Pharmacists Act 1951.

Under the liberalisation of PRP training, PRP are allowed to undergo one year provisional training at any private facility approved by LFM and continue with another one year compulsory service at the same premise.

For this purpose, private facilities must apply to Pharmacy Board of Malaysia as PRP training facilities before they are allowed to employ any PRP. Private premises that are eligible to apply:

  • Private Community Pharmacy
  • Outpatient Pharmac of Private Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical GMP factory
  • Faculty of Pharmacy, Higher Education Institutions that run 'Research and Development' (R & D)