List of MOH Pharmacists with Good Clinical Practice Certificate

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is an international standards concerning the ethical and scientific quality in designing, implementing, documenting and reporting of clinical trials involving human subjects. GCP certification is a mandatory requirement for researchers who want to participate in clinical trial.

Pharmacists at Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), who attended the workshop and passed the GCP examination are as shown below. The following list has been updated in February 2015.

Drive-Through Pharmacy Service


The Drive-Through Pharmacy Service was introduced by the Pharmaceutical Services Division , Ministry of Health Malaysia to resolve the problems encountered by patients during their medicine collection visits such as inadequate parking space at the health facility, congestion at the pharmacy waiting area and also long waiting time.

Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution (CDR)

CDR Services Policy:

Pharmaceutical Services Division, Ministry of Health has developed the policy for CDR service which is intended to safeguard patients and staff by defining standards of CDR practice from pharmacists perspective. It is worth noting that all the local policies involving prescribing, handling, and administering the cytotoxic drugs must be developed by a multi-professional team and complies with the scope of the service:

New Hologram Meditag

Pharmaceutical Services Depaftment (PSD), Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) always
strives to ensure that all pharmaceutical products including traditional medicine and health
supplements sold in Malaysia are of high quality, effective and safe for consumption. All
pharmaceutical products have to be registered with the Drug Control Authority (DCA) before
it is marketed and sold to consumers. Control over the sales of pharmaceutical products was
started in 1985 with the first phase of registration for product containing poison listed in the

Malaysian National Medicines Policy (DUNAS)

The Malaysian National Medicines Policy is an official document of the Government of Malaysia, which defines and prioritizes the medium- and long-term goals set by the government for the pharmaceutical sector, and identifies the main strategies for attaining them. It provides the basic framework within which the activities of the pharmaceutical sector can be coordinated by both the public and private sectors. 


The objective of the MNMP is to to improve health outcomes of the people through:

The Know Your Medicine Programmes

The Know Your Medicines Programmes was introduced as part of Quality Use of Medicines activities which, aim to ensure that patients take their medicines rationally.

The programmes emphasized on the 5R concept, which are:

1. The right patient

2. The right medicines

3. The right dose

4. The right route of administration

5. The right time of administration

Nuclear Pharmacy

Provide services in the preparation of radiopharmaceutical for facilities in need.

List of facilities offering services:

  • Hospital Kuala Lumpur
  • Hospital Pulau Pinang
  • Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru
  • Hospital Umum Sarawak
  • Hospital Putrajaya

Inpatient Pharmacy (Ward Pharmacy)

Inpatient pharmacy provides services to the wards, clinics and other units in the hospital through the unit dose system supply, "top-up" medicines stock and ready supplies system.

For patients who have been discharged from hospitals, dispensing and counselling services will be provided. The Inpatient pharmacy also supplies the Psychotropic and Dangerous Drugs to the wards and units.


Drug Information Enquiry Service

The Drug Information Enquiry Service allows the public to ask question and forward enquiries regarding medications online. To enquire, log on to or refer to the Drug Information FAQs.

Revised List of Qualifications Recognised by Pharmacy Degree Pharmacy Board of Malaysia (LFM)

Pharmacy Degree qualifications listed in the First Schedule, Registration of Pharmacists Act 1951 are the qualifications recognized by the Pharmacy Board and the holder of these qualifications can be considered as eligible for registration with the Pharmacy Board.

Click here for the list of qualifications recognized by the Pharmacy Board.