Malaysian National Medicines Policy (DUNAS)

The Malaysian National Medicines Policy is an official document of the Government of Malaysia, which defines and prioritizes the medium- and long-term goals set by the government for the pharmaceutical sector, and identifies the main strategies for attaining them. It provides the basic framework within which the activities of the pharmaceutical sector can be coordinated by both the public and private sectors. 


The objective of the MNMP is to to improve health outcomes of the people through:

  1. Promoting equitable access to essential medicines.
  2. Promoting rational use of safe, effective and  affordable essential medicines of good  quality.


The MNMP has 8 components, comprising of 4 core components and 4 supportive components, as follows:

Core components

1. Quality, safety and efficacy of drugs
2. Drug availability
3. Drug affordability
4. Quality use of drugs

Supportive components

5. Human resource development
6. Research and development
7. Technical cooperation
8. Management of the National Medicines Policy

Full term review of Malaysian National Medicine Policy

The policy has been fully reviewed in October 2012 after six years of implementation. The draft of the revised policy has been produced and is currently awaiting approval from the higher management of the Ministry of Health. The revised policy will be uploaded into this website once it has been approved.